Ahmed Mohammad Omar

Junior Android developer

[email protected]


Junior Android developer Sou2y, Cairo | Mar, 2019

Present Data Analysis Elhelal for rubber, Ash Sharqia governorate | 2017 – 2019



Android development

Android SDK

Internal and External storage, SQLite database, Sharedpreferences, Realm, Room

Web Services, Retrofit, Volley, Picasso, Glide, ButterKnife, DataBinding Library. Firebase with many features

Maps, GPS Tracking. MVVM Design Pattern

Android Architecture Components. RxJava, RxAndroid. XML. HTML Basics, Python Basics

Net Beans, Android Studio, Github

Data Wrangling, Data Visualization, Ability to understand analytical functions

Comfort with math, Statistics. Communication skills, Collaboration Skills, Effective teamwork, Strategic thinking, Strategic planning, Scheduling, Leadership Skills